Frequently Asked Questions

What does TOFSIS stand for?

TOFSIS stands for "The Online Faculty-Student Interaction System".

What is the point of this website?

This website can be used for hosting and downloading digital media, mostly pertaining to Academic fields.
It is also a mode of communication between students and faculty.

How do I register?

Click on "Register / Log In" in the Navigation bar and click on "Register here".
Faculty and students both have to register accordingly.

How do I upload files onto the site?

Uploading is restricted only to Faculty. First register yourself as faculty on the website and navigate to the upload page.
Select the file to be uploaded from the Browse option and click on upload.

How do I download files?

Student registration is required for downloading files. First register yourself as a student on the website.
Navigate to the downloads section from the home page and select the required department/semester/subject to display the available files for download.

What do you hope to achieve with TOFSIS?

We mainly hope to facilitate better communication between Faculty and students through our website, aside from providing an online archive of academic resources.